holy experience

OK….so I know this is supposed to be done on Mondays…and I will really try to do it on Mondays from now on. But I figure gratitude a day late is better than no gratitude at all, right? Right. Trying to overcome my perfectionism and just…be.

  • beautiful low-humidity days in July…in Indiana!
  • eating a free lunch outside with my two loves
  • stroller naps. 🙂
  • coffee…oh sweet coffee
  • “Daddy’s Magic Shoulder”…and the sweet bond Tim and Sam share
  • lazy Saturdays
  • my new car
  • butter on toast
  • the yard freshly mowed…and my sweet hubs for mowing it
  • the gift of music
  • smiles from my sweet boy
  • baby babbling…and those “ma-ma-ma-ma-mas” that I can tell myself mean MAMA 🙂
  • that my mom and dad live close to us, and that I have a good relationship with them
  • our upcoming vacation to Red River Gorge/Natural Bridge with Tim’s family
  • Tim’s job and the flexibility it allows him to work from home sometimes
  • Tim is a hard worker and a good provider…and he still has the energy to be a great papa and bring me water and snacks while nursing and help with the house & yard and spoil me rotten

The list is just beginning…and already I can feel my heart becoming lighter and more joyful. I am blessed.


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