It’s been a while.

Our sweet Sam turned 6 months old last week. Amazing. Wasn’t he just born? I am thankful for pictures. I was looking back at pictures of when he was a newborn and I can hardly recall what he looked like in my mind through the fog of sleep-deprivation and sore nipples and white-knuckled holding-on-for-dear-life. Six months since worlds ended and began.

He is quite proficient at sitting up now, which has been nice. I can sit him on the floor with toys (or tupperwares and lids, my cell phone, my car keys, and a old credit card) and he will be quite happy for a good while.I am thankful though for nursing — gives me a chance to snuggle him a little before he will one day give me a kiss and run outside to play. He is getting so big, so fast.

In other “big boy” news…we started baby-led weaning. Soo much easier and so much more “common sense” than feeding cereal and purees. I was dreading starting all that because it seemed so complicated. Cereal first, make sure it’s not too lumpy, then fruits, but not citrus, etc, then veggies, and no eggs or wheat or….ahhh. Too complicated. I started wondering…what did mamas do to introduce solids back in the day? Before Gerber was around? And it dawned on me that they probably just breastfed them until they started grabbing whatever mama and papa were eating off their plates and shoving in in their mouths. It’s really quite fascinating to watch. Right now he mostly smears food all over the tray of his high chair but last night some avocado made it in his mouth. His face was priceless. I love how much he is learning and wondering and thinking these days. He delights and is delighted by everything.

I’m joining the Gratitude Community….and praying for eyes that see, and for more love for Him as a result. We’ll start that Monday after the weekend of listing things.


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