seven quick takes

— 1. —

With spring’s arrival, I am finding myself more and more discontent with this postpartum body. I experienced this phenomenon during pregnancy as well — the feeling of how I actually looked being disconnected from how I felt like I looked in my head. I have always been drawn to clothes that were a little bit different, a little edgy, a little artsy-phartsy, and now as a nursing mom I am having trouble incorporating my personal sense of style with how I actually appear. It doesn’t help that approximately none of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit me anymore, and I am lucky if I get a shower every 3 days or so. So I guess what I am saying is that I am feeling a bit frumpy, and I don’t really like it. I would love to work out more but there’s no room in the budget for a gym membership right now, plus, I don’t really have time to work out with a 3 month old. And the work out options I have that don’t include a gym membership are running, which I have tried, really tried, to get into and enjoy, but just don’t, and workout DVDs, but those get boring real quick. Does anyone have any advice? How did you get back into shape after having a baby? Or should I just give it up and embrace my stretch marks and back fat and that weird puckery belly skin. 🙂

— 2. —

Another area I am struggling with right now as I make my way through new momma-hood is bedtime routine, consistent naptimes, and co-sleeping. Right now he goes to bed when we go to bed (or later, as the case may be). I would really like to be able to put him to bed around 8pm and I don’t know, watch LOST or spend a few moments with my husband before retiring ourselves at 10 or so. Is this even realistic with co-sleeping? And what about naptimes? He pretty much hates his Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper and crib and Pack ‘n Play so I am totally at a loss for how to put him down for a nap unless he is in my arms or I lie down in bed with him. Sometimes, granted, I need the nap, too (sometimes more than he does) but eventually I would like to, say, clean or get something actually done while he naps. I am really lost here. Oh, and for the record, “cry-it-out” isn’t an option. Is this something that will come with time?

— 3. —

Apparently this is the “lots of questions” version. I would really like to have time each day for prayer and for reading the Word but I am again, at a loss as to how to do this with a 3 month old. We don’t have a consistent schedule or routine yet so I think if I had a time, like during his morning nap or before he got up for the day (see point #2) that I could roughly plan out what I was going to do when, that would help. I really miss having time in the Word and time for prayer other than “Oh Lord, please make him go to sleep!” 🙂

— 4. —

We recently ordered a pocket diaper sampler from Nicki’s Diapers. We had purchased wraps and prefolds but because breastfeeding was so chaotic and difficult at first I wanted to just get a handle on that before we introduced cloth diapers into the picture. He was almost too big for the prefolds and wraps by the time we started using them, plus the prefolds we got were just random Gerber crappy ones I got at a baby shower, not the good Chinese prefolds. They didn’t fit him right and he leaked poop everywhere and in general it just didn’t work. We had one bumGenius pocket diaper and I really liked the simplicity of it, plus it contained runny breastfed poop really well. So, we decided to order a sampler to figure out which ones we liked best. So far I like the Happy Heiney one the best. It didn’t leak and fit him well. Plus they have a wide assortment of colors. If I had enough of them I think I could do cloth full-time.

— 5. —

Even though we’re still a good 3 months away from starting solids, it’s been something I have been thinking about. I found Nurture-Baby via simple mom and plan on making my baby food from scratch. Not only is it cheaper, but I trust my own quality control standards for what goes in my baby than any baby food company (and since I am boycotting Nestle, Gerber is out of the question, as they are owned by Nestle).

— 6. —

I want to go camping really badly. This might sound odd, but during the early days (okay, the first 9 weeks) of breastfeeding, every time I wanted to quit, the thought of going camping this summer and having to pack nursery water and bottles and nipples and formula to feed him while we were camping, and the image of simply nursing him by the campfire at night, kept me going. Bottle-feeding just seemed so complicated and annoying, and breastfeeding so simple, that it kept me going. Now that spring is here I am looking forward to nursing my little one off to sleep in the tent as we listen to the sound of cicadas and crickets singing.

— 7. —

I want an iPhone. I used to kind of scoff at them, like, oh hey does it make phone calls and text? My phone does, too, and it was free. But now that I am on twitter, (follow me — alissabirkel) and the more I hear about different apps, I must admit the idea of having one is starting to appeal to me. They are wayy to expensive currently…but maybe someday.

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