A miracle

Sam must have hit his 12-week growth spurt Monday, because all he has wanted to do is eat since Monday afternoon. I’m exhausted, but I know that growth spurts don’t last long. Plus, it is just such a miracle, this breastfeeding thing. I know that for some women it’s just easy, all the stars align perfectly and things just take off from day one. For Sam and me, however, breastfeeding normally — without the nipple shield, and without excruciating pain — has been a sweet reward for hours and days and weeks of really, really, REALLY hard work.

Someday (soon, hopefully) I will write about our breastfeeding journey — all the prayers, the tears, the worry, the battle to give my baby his birthright through numerous obstacles to overcome. But for now I will latch that hungry little mouth on once again, feel the fullness of let-down, and revel in the joy of giving my baby boy all my love in liquid form.


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